WTF is laughter yoga?

WTF is laughter yoga?
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There are a lot of strange forms of yoga and meditation, but laughter yoga seemed to slip by without us noticing. Now people across the Twin Cities, and the entire globe, are gathering just to laugh together. Sound a little strange? It might actually have health benefits whether the laughter is legitimate or not.

The Pioneer Press has a report on these laughter yoga groups that meet regularly to do breathing exercises and laugh to their heart's content. Check out a list of groups here. Instructors, medical professionals, and participants say this form of yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety and could strengthen the immune system.

Laughter yoga was developed in the '90s by a doctor in India who wanted to see if laughing, even if it was forced, creates the same release of endorphins associated with legitimate forms of laughter.

We have to admit we were a tad skeptical. So how do we see what these folks are up to? YouTube it of course. If we saw these groups out in public practicing their yoga, we might be concerned about their sanity. But if it makes people feel better, then what the heck. Laugh away.

Check out some videos below.

A CNN report on laughter yoga:

Some examples of the exercises:

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