Wrestling legend Gagne involved in other nursing home assaults

Wrestling legend Verne Gagne's nursing home assault last month that led to the death of another 97-year-old resident wasn't his first violent incident, new documents reveal.

The Star Tribune is reporting on a search warrant released today that shows Gagne assaulted residents at least twice in the last five months.

This was the first public document from authorities that shows Gagne was involved in the incident that led to the man's death. Family members had confirmed it, but police kept quiet until now.

More from the Star Tribune:

The search warrant, filed last week and unsealed Tuesday, is the first public document that acknowledges Gagne's involvement in the death of Helmut Gutmann. Gutmann died Feb. 14 from complications of a broken hip after an what the warrant calls an "unprovoked attack" during which Gutmann was "grabbed, shaken and thrown to the ground" by Gagne on Jan. 26 at the memory-loss unit of Friendship Village, where both men lived.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner ruled his death a homicide. The warrant requests entrance to the area within Friendship Village where the assault occurred so that police may take photographs to display where Gagne, Gutmann and witnesses were during the incident. It also seeks prior reports made about incidents involving Gagne.

Gagne, 82, hasn't been charged in the death and previous reports from Gutmann's family suggested they weren't interested in pressing charges due to his mental state.

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