Worst. Logo. Ever.

On Wednesday, Republican National Convention officials unveiled the official 2008 RNC logo. The emblem features the words "Republican National Convention, Minneapolis-Saint Paul" encircling the silhouette of a sex-crazed Elephant mounting the year 2008.

"Choosing our logo is another important milestone in planning the 2008 Republican National Convention," said convention President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Cino in a press release. "This design highlights the spirit of the Republican Party and it will adorn everything from the Xcel Energy Center to t-shirts and other souvenirs."

As of press time, RNC officials refused to explain the sexual overtones of the logo, though some have suggested the elephantine carnality is a metaphor for seven years of GOP chutzpah. Those with a less cynical interpretation disagree and maintain that the image symbolizes the lovin' the party has in store for the nation come 2008.

Whatever the case, the RNC is keeping mum. When asked about the reasoning behind the salacious depiction, GOP pressman Matt Burns replied flatly, "If you have any serious questions, you can call me."

This elephant in the room debuted two days before local newspapers trumpeted stories of Sen. Larry Craig (R-Bathroom Stall) vowing to remain in the Senate. Fitting, for the elephant in the logo also seems to prefer a wide stance.