'World's Meanest Mom' tries selling daughter's truck on Craigslist

This is described as "every kid's dream vehicle." Huh.

This is described as "every kid's dream vehicle." Huh.

How do you get through to a kid who just won't listen? 

One classic move parents have been trying forever is to threaten to permanently take away one of the child's prized possessions. A Playstation gaming system, maybe, or a laptop.

Or the car. In some places, taking away the wheels is as good as grounding the kid, save the few places he or she can get to on foot. Then again, such threats are idle if you won't go through with them.

This was the thinking of one mom in Almelund, a tiny little town about 50 miles northeast of the Twin Cities, as she attempted to punish her daughter by listing the girl's prized pickup truck on Craigslist. Though mom could've just posted photos and a description of the truck and sold it as a motor vehicle free of baggage, she instead went with some public shaming.

"So, because I'm the World's Meanest Mom, and my 15 year old has decided that her grades don't matter, that she can disrespect myself and her siblings on a daily basis, and that she has the right to skip school and run away from home. [sic] I currently have every kid's teenage dream vehicle up for sale (because it's titled in my name, I can do that, you see)." 

Whoa. Harsh, lady.


Maybe you're not with her on the assertion that a 1998 Dodge Ram with 158,000 miles is "every kid's teenage dream vehicle." But you'll have to give her credit for a strong entry in this year's World's Meanest Mom contest.

She's lookin' for $2,750, and advises that the truck will need a new muffler and windshield. Though, she adds, she'll "throw in brake pads I have sitting here." Gee, thanks, mean lady. Frankly, we think she's underestimating the added value of celebrity ownership. Who wouldn't want to drive a sweet truck previously owned by the World's Meanest Mom?

There's a twist on the sale at the end, though: "If the person driving the truck will be attending North Branch high school next year, you will get a $300 discount. Why? Because I AM the World's Meanest Mom, and would love for her to be reminded every day next year of the mistakes she made..."


The ad was late removed from Craigslist after it was "flagged for removal," and the web link is now dead.  

It's possible mom is selling the truck by other means. To that end, she did write she's open to a "REASONABLE offer," but that doesn't include "your XBox, or your 80cc dirt bike that's currently sitting in milk crates."

Maybe she'd settle for $500 and some parenting advice. 

See the whole ad below.