World's largest colonoscopy party pushes deep into Minneapolis

These women want you at their "pre-poop party".
These women want you at their "pre-poop party".

Ladies and gentlemen, the social event of the season has just been announced, and tickets are still available.

For $198, you can join a horde of "aging but dangerous" over-50 women for what is being billed as the world's largest colonoscopy party.

By the sound of things, this is not only going to be the world's largest colonoscopy party -- it's also going to be the swankiest, most illinest, most off-the-chain colonoscopy party.

Guests are going to enter the "pre-poop party" at the Depot Renaissance Hotel through a giant "Disneyeseque" 20-foot colon, then rage on through the night with a slumber party at the hotel before boarding the limos that will whisk them in style to their procedures. Afterward they'll wind down at the "post-poop party," which will include an awards ceremony.

The event runs from the evening of March 31 on through to April Fools Day, but the organizers insist it's no prank -- just a legit fundraiser for the Amercian Cancer Society.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death-by-cancer in the United States, after lung cancer, but so far the fight against it hasn't gotten the kind of high-profile corporate support, of say, breast cancer.

It obviously presents a different kind of PR challenge -- if schoolmarms couldn't deal with "I heart boobies" bracelets, it's a safe bet that eighth-graders sporting "I heart buttholes" paraphernalia would make their heads explode.

So lots of credit to the Aging But Dangerous ladies for trying a novel way to tackle an under-discussed problem. We hope your poop parties are fun, and we look forward to red-carpet photos from the giant walk-in party-colon.

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