World's dumbest pot grower tries to disable security cam with his face

Have you seen this man? If so, slap him upside the head and tell him he needs to stop smoking his own product, or at least invest in a set of panty hose to wear over his face.

The photo of the dumbass in question was snapped by a security camera while he was disabling said security camera. Perhaps he planned to go back in time and disable the camera earlier, before it took a picture of him, but abandoned the idea when he got a hankering for some Cheetos.

The Lacrosse (Wisc.) Tribune has the details of this real-life Pineapple Express:

When the suspected gardener showed up at about 4 a.m., he apparently noticed the camera and climbed the tree to shut it down, authorities said. The camera instead snapped a picture of his face.

La Crosse Area Crime Stoppers now need the public's help identifying the man. Investigators said his first name might be Jeff.

The article goes on to provide a phone number if you want to rat out Jeff, which we are not going to help you do. He may be the world's dumbest pot grower, but we're no narcs.

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