Word on the Street (Google Street View)

I walked over to our neighborhood cafe, Corner Coffee, the other day. They had just discovered Google Street View, the monolithic web company's new photographic interface.

Evidently our friendly neighborhood latte-slingers were outside doing an outdoor lunch promotion when the Google people drove by on July 10, so tons of folks were outside and got photographed. Pretty stunning and a little weird to see something so close by rendered in this way. Here's the shot in question.

Fortunately, I was out of the country when this was happening, since on the creepy scale (where 1 is Mr. Rogers and 10 is John Wayne Gacy) I think this slots in about 6. Thus, my lucky stars ensured that there are no shots of me to be found herein.

I admit that access to this technology, while creepy, is kind of cool in a creepy way, so maybe 10 should be Gene Simmons, who brought less shame to face paint. And thankfully, as a thong-bedecked lady used to her advantage, you can request that they take photos down. So I guess that's something. I know that if I had an intern, I would instruct them to Google Street View every strip club in Minneapolis. Blackmail potential extraordinaire. Cha-ching!

MNSpeak had a pretty interesting thread on this topic earlier in the week, with a few interesting images. How about you? Seen anything interesting in street view? Feel free to leave them in the comments, and if I can get enough good stuff, maybe I'll do a photo screengrab slideshow.

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