Wonkette: Dislodge Bachmann's district and send it to Jupiter


We're under the impression that any press is probably good press in politics. For every ultra hater, you're probably gaining a couple weird fans at the same time. But where are the people singing their praises for Rep. Michele Bachmann? We can't find it.

In the latest, Wonkette suggests we blow Bachmann's district from the earth's crust and send it to Jupiter. Now that's not a very nice thing to say.

Here is what Wonkette had to say after making fun of all the Lutherans who can't figure out who our senator is:
Here is a proposal: Minnesota should be divided into two parts. The part with the Twin Cities can be assigned a single senator, and the part with Michele Bachmann can be dislodged from the earth's crust and sent to Jupiter, in pieces.
At least Wonkette recognizes that the Twin Cities aren't responsible for Bachmann's reelection.