Wonder how he feels about the union paycheck?

class=img_thumbleft>Strib columnist

James Lileks

discusses the low hum of doom around the Pi Press:

Went to the office, because I have a new tie and it's the only place I could wear it. Not a lot of talk about our parent company buying Knight-Ridder; shrugs and whatevs, at least from the people I spoke to. No one knows what's going to happen to the competition, and that's the only piece of information we're really keen to glean. There's talk that the union will buy the Pioneer Press, but if they brought to its lively pages the same dead Debs-fellating tone they bring to the monthly newsletter, the paper will become unreadable.

Lileks's regular blog readers know the bantamweight Babbitt doesn't whistle along to "The Internationale." But the other possible outcomes for Lileks's former colleagues across the river don't look happy--a fire sale to a corporate raider who will lop off half the masthead before hauling the coffee maker out the back door and padlocking the place for good. Maybe the odist of the lint brush could fix that tie into a noose and send it over to Cedar Street with his best wishes?

A question in closing: When tender Gnat reads her daddy's prose, does he explain that, as a libertarian, he's not against sucking off transgendered debutants, just labor leaders who've been organizing among the earthworms since 1926?

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