Woman's pot brownie party dessert could lead to charges


Apparently it's a good idea to warn people before they start chowing down on the brownies you baked to warn them they are magical. Yet another Minnesotan's good intentions with a batch of pot brownies could lead to charges after one woman ate them without knowing she was consuming marijuana and became sick.

A St. Paul woman could face charges after she allegedly provided brownies with marijuana to a going-away party for workers at a day care.

Talk about a party pooper.

More from the Pioneer Press:

Police were called to the Hennepin County Medical Center at 10:30 p.m. Friday after the woman's husband brought her to the Minneapolis hospital, said Peter Panos, police spokesman. The 23-year-old woman was throwing up after she ate the brownies, though it wasn't known whether it was her nerves after finding out she had consumed marijuana, Panos said. The woman was "very upset" about what happened, he said.

The woman had been attending a going-away party at a private home when she ate the brownies, Panos said. After she ate the brownies, she was told there was marijuana inside. Other people had known before eating them, Panos said.

A friend drove the woman home and her husband took her to the hospital.

According to police, letting people eat pot brownies without informing them is just like spiking a drink. Next time just be courteous and warn people ahead of time.