Woman, to Minneapolis street harasser: 'What kind of man does it, though?' [VIDEO]

The tire-iron wielding bandana man didn't quite get what he wanted, but he got what he was asking for.

The tire-iron wielding bandana man didn't quite get what he wanted, but he got what he was asking for.

The man depicted in this video is trying to replace a tire on his truck. It's taking some time, probably longer than he'd planned.

His work is slowed down a bit because someone is asking him pointed questions — about women, about what kind of man he thinks he is. It's distracting. 

Our bandana-wearing, Sturgis-shirt outfitted leading man could probably avoid this in the future. If only he had the tools to do that kind of maintenance.

This guy's moment of sin on Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis doesn't make this video, but is reviewed pretty thoroughly during the follow-up. Evidently, he said something to a young female passer-by to the effect of, "I got something that'll make you feel good." 

She, then across the street, responded: "Fuck off!" 

Him: "Now we're talking."

At this point, the woman decided to cross the street...and not because this man's charms had worked. It's because she's Lindsey, the Minneapolis woman who's made a name — just one, thanks — for herself confronting her many harassers in Minneapolis. For a time, Lindsey was secretly recording her efforts to combat her catcallers. 

In this one, the camera's front-and-center, leaving this guy no question what's going on. He's being recorded, and shamed. Obliterated.

In the course of a four-minute tape, he passes through the five stages of douchegrief: denial, playfulness, bitterness, mansplaining, and self-pity.

When Lindsey asks blue bandana if he thinks "grown-ass men, who have good self-esteem" holler at women across the street, he suggests she seek help.

"You need one of those, uh, meetings, or something,"  he says.

"I'm at a meeting," she says. "I'm on my sidewalk. You made this a meeting."

Clearly, it's one he wishes were over. He's uncomfortable. He's being picked on. Someone's embarrassing him in public. He wishes this whole interaction had never happened.

It's sort of like the experience she'd had on the other side of the street.