Woman sues Duluth after street corner crumbled under her feet


We know America is sue-happy, but can you really get money out of a city when you claim the street underneath your feet literally just crumbled as you stood there? We've never experienced such a phenomenon.

Cheryl Smolnikar is suing the city of Duluth, claiming she was standing on a street corning when "a section of pavement crumbed beneath her heel."

She claims the crumbling road caused severe and disabling injuries, but the lawsuit doesn't specifically mention a fall. She says she has ongoing medical expenses and blames the city for failing to "inspect and repair city streets."

The injury was so severe that even her husband is a co-plaintiff, claiming he also suffered because of her injuries. This must have been an epic crumbling.

The city fired back in its defense, saying the woman was injured due to her own idiocy. "The injuries were a result of her own negligence."

We know standing is hard. Next time keep walking and risk being hit by a car. You'll probably get some money out of the driver when you sue them.