Woman stabs man over TV remote, man accused of setting BWCA fire commits suicide

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

A 19-year-old St. Paul woman is charged with second-degree assault after she stabbed her boyfriend during an argument over the TV remote. When the man was interviewed about the attack, he says, "It's the first time I've ever been stabbed." We hope so. Is there anything on TV actually worth stabbing someone to watch it? Nope. 

Trains collide near Winona, some cars in the river
Two freight trains collided head-on this morning in southeastern Minnesota, leaking liquid ammonia and propane and sending some of the 40 derailed cars into the Mississippi River. 

Any mistake can ravage someone, but causing $11 million in firefighting costs for a campfire? Yikes. The Washington, D.C., man accused of causing the May 2007 fire in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness committed suicide Tuesday. The man was charged with failing to completely put out a fire at a campsite, which allegedly led to burned 118 square miles and destroyed 150 buildings. 

A St. Paul man has been sentenced to nearly four years in federal prison for possessing about 2 pounds of methamphetamine. He was busted while making a meth delivery. We really hope the two pounds weren't going to the same person. That's just death (or eyeball gouging) waiting to happen. 

The Twin Cities will have two more marathons next year, one in Stillwater and one in Minneapolis. Bring on the vaseline!

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