Woman shot and killed by police on I-394 [UPDATE]

Other police swarmed to the scene, but the incident had already turened fatal.
Other police swarmed to the scene, but the incident had already turened fatal.

Interstate 394 was the site of a shooting incident this afternoon that left an armed woman dead, though details of what led to her shooting are not yet public.

Just after 1:00 p.m., a Golden Valley cop pulled over a woman near the Hopkins Crossroads on I-394 near the Hopkins Crossroad. The woman, who was in possession of a handgun, was shot and killed by the officer who'd pulled her over.

The Golden Valley Police Department has posted a statement to its website offering a bare-bone description of the event. Hennpin County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lisa Kiava said other details of the event, like the nature of the initial stop, and whether the woman brandished or pointed her gun at the officer, are not available at this time.

Other police cars swarmed to the scene, as several news stations caught in their helicopter coverage, but the action was already over, according to the police statement.

The Golden Valley Police description is posted below, in full:

At approximately 1:03 pm Sept 22, the police officer attempted to stop a vehicle on westbound I-394 near Hwy 169. The driver of the vehicle eventually pulled over to the side of I-394 near Hopkins Crossroad. The lone occupant of the vehicle, an adult female, was in possession of a handgun and was subsequently fatally shot by the officer. The officer did not sustain any injuries.

The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office will be investigating this incident. As standard procedure, the Golden Valley officer involved will be placed on temporary administrative leave.

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