Woman punched in the face during road rage incident

Friday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Woman punched in the face during road rage incident
This story sounds like it's straight out of.... we don't even know. Our imagination? After a 25-year-old Moorhead woman cut off a 66-year-old man on the road, the man allegedly got out of his car, went up to her open window and punched her in the face. He then got back into his car and drove away. Solving problems the easy way, right?

New signs for confused airport passengers worth $1 million?
The Metropolitan Airports Commission wants to add 40 new signs on area freeways to help airline passengers who are confused about our two terminals. The new signs would come with a $1 million price tag. MAC says about 20,000 passengers arrive at the wrong terminal every year, but we just think they aren't smart.

Paid a PhotoCop fee? Refund on its way
If you received a ticket from one of those ridiculous PhotoCop red light enforcement cameras before the courts ordered them shut down, a refund is on its way. The city will send out 16,800 refunds to people who were busted by the cameras.

Minneapolis loves burning your trash
Minneapolis loves burning trash so much they want to do more of it. City planners are recommending an increase of trash burned from 1,000 tons a day to 1,212 tons. Unfortunately the garbage burner is the new Twins stadium next-door neighbor. What a great combo.

Man allegedly planted pipe bomb at dead ex-wife's house
A Minneapolis man allegedly planted a pipe bomb at his dead ex-wife's house because he was angry at her family. Robert Andrew Hertel, 50, was charged Thursday in Hennepin County District Court with first-degree arson.

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