Woman owes $1.9 million after downloading 24 songs on Kazaa

The Recording Industry Association of America once again was successful in their attempt to make an enormous example out of one Brainerd woman for her illegal downloading of music.

After Jammie Thomas-Rasset's second trial trying to defend herself against the claim that she illegally downloaded and shared 24 songs on Kazaa, the jury found her guilty and ordered her to pay $80,000 per song.

That's $1.92 million for those of you counting.

This was the only file-sharing case to go to trial. All others were settled outside of court. The jury ruled she willfully violated the copyrights of the songs.

The second trial made Thomas-Rasset's situation even worse. After the first trial in 2007, the jury ordered her to pay just $220,000.

More from the Associated Press:

Thomas-Rasset sat glumly with her chin in hand as she heard the jury's finding of willful infringement, which increased the potential penalty. She raised her eyebrows in surprise when the jury's penalty of $80,000 per song was read.

Outside the courtroom, she was resigned.

"There's no way they're ever going to get that," said Thomas-Rasset, a 32-year-old mother of four from the central Minnesota city of Brainerd. "I'm a mom, limited means, so I'm not going to worry about it now."

There is still a chance that she will settle with RIAA, but the association wouldn't put a number on it.

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