Woman loves working with sewage, rats and cockroaches

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Woman loves working with sewage, rats and cockroaches

The PiPress profiles sewer cop Cindy O'Sell about her job that includes friendly critters such as 16-inch rats and cockroaches the size of oranges. Oh and poop and other wonderful discoveries down in the city's sewage drains. She apparently loves her job. We won't fight her for it.

Pelosi swings by for a totally casual check up on stimulus dollars... right...

As if anyone doesn't see this as a giant public relations stunt to convince everyone the economic stimulus is doing something. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "dropped in" Sunday to the American Indian education center in Minneapolis to see the stimulus dollars at work. Then she spoke about how great it is for the community. And then they get nice stories from major papers like the Star Tribune.

Emerald ash borer poised to dominate city trees

The emerald ash borer has arrived in Minnesota and could totally destroy a majority of trees in some cities in the state. Have you seen these things? They look like something out of a Pixar film.

Thanksgiving too early: Minn. fire cooks 25,000 turkeys

About 25,000 turkeys were killed (totally charred) when a fire engulfed a turkey barn in Cannon Falls. Only turkeys died.

Stop signs are for losers, at least on private property

One person asks the Strib's Roadguy if it's technically legal to run stop signs put up on private property. Technically yes. Police say they can't issue tickets for running stop lights at places like the Mall of America, but you could still get busted for reckless driving. And you might kill someone, so you might just want to take the couple seconds you waste to avoid the risk of ruining the life of someone else.