Woman gets jail time after bragging on MySpace about vandalizing home


We'd hope that most people using social media passed out of MySpace101 about public images and statements. First rule: If you do something illegal, you should probably refrain from discussing it or posting photos on the internet. Since, you know, it's public and all that.

This lady apparently didn't get the memo. After she was kicked out of her roommate's home, she returned and covered the inside with paint. She then proceeded to brag about the crime on her MySpace page and posted a photo of herself in front of the paint-splattered door. Genius.

Portlyn Lauren Miller was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the crime after the judge called her lack of remorse "extremely disturbing."

Here is what happened, according to the Pioneer Press:

Miller, 21, was kicked out of Andrew Thompson's St. Paul house in September. One month later, he found his home's interior covered in pink, green, and white paint.

And we're not talking about a nice new coat of paint. There were messages scrawled on the walls, and paint in the washing machine, the bathtub, the fridge, on his computer and his furniture. To make matters worse, his clothes and cat were also splattered with paint. Just days earlier, his daughter's teddy bear was impaled with a wooden pole and had a knife in its head.

More from the PiPress:

The same day as the paint episode, Miller posted a message on her MySpace social-networking page that read, "I win ... It's a fact. You (messed) with the wrong (woman)," the criminal complaint said. She also posted a photo of herself posing by Thompson's paint-covered door.

Her attorney said the two were "involved," but Thompson denied that.

Here's a funny way to defend a client: Say there is no proof she actually posted anything on her MySpace. Does it really matter when there is a photo of her posing next to the painted door? Really?

In addition to the 30 days in jail, Miller has to pay $1,275. The weirdest part of the punishment: She can't mention him in any posting online and can't write about him in any songs.