Brooklyn Park mom gets 45 days, "awareness" training for pointing gun at Muslims


Nancy Knoble will get 45 days in Hennepin County jail for pointing a gun at a Muslim couple guilty of no more than trying to pick up their kid. 


Knoble was arrested back in May for confronting Adley Ohalley and his wife, Worood Abumayaleh, Maple Grove residents, as they waited in their car for their son to emerge from a friend's house. 

Knoble, who has no prior criminal record, pleaded guilty to one felony charge of terroristic threats back in December, and was sentenced on Thursday. The mother of two received total jail time of just 45 days, and can qualify for release on an ankle monitor after 15 days. 

Knoble is barred from any contact with her victims, and is prohibited from possessing "firearms, ammunition or explosives" during a three-year probation sentence. She also can't vote, meaning she'll miss participating in the next two elections.

In addition, Judge William Koch mandated that Knoble complete an approved "cultural awareness" program. This seems the least the state could've asked, given just how little it had taken to cause the terrorizing situation.

MPR News, which profiled the Ohalley-Abumayaleh couple as part of its "Being Muslim in Minnesota" report, reports that they were simply minding their own business, in their own car, when Knoble approached the vehicle with a rifle in her hands. 

"Open the window or I'll kill you," Knoble said. (The threat was idle — the rifle she was holding was just a pellet gun — but her victims had no way of knowing that.) Knoble then made Ohalley get out of the vehicle and begin walking toward the house where they'd been waiting, keeping the rifle pointed at his back, before finally their teenage son came out the front door.

Abumayaleh has lived in Minnesota for about 30 years, and Ohalley, a Palestinian, moved here from Jerusalem four decades ago.