Woman cited for driving in MnPASS lane with hipster-looking mannequin as passenger [PHOTO]

The state patrol released this photo of Allen's hipster-looking mannequin passenger.
The state patrol released this photo of Allen's hipster-looking mannequin passenger.

Tired of slogging through rush hour traffic, Eden Prairie resident Crystal Allen decided to get creative.

Why not ride with a mannequin and take advantage of I-35W's you-must-have-a-passenger-or-pay-a-toll MnPASS lane?

Her scheme worked out beautifully until yesterday, when Allen, 29, was pulled over at about 8:45 a.m. while heading northbound on I-35W at Highway 62. It didn't take an officer long to notice that Allen's backseat companion seemed a little less than lifelike.

It turns out Allen would've been much better off just taking the bus. She was driving with a suspended license and ended up being cited for that, along with failing to obey a sign.

The mannequin, meanwhile, got off scot-free.

According to the PiPress, Allen told troopers that friends dared her to commute with her fiberglass friend, which was decked out with a hipster-like outfit of orange sunglasses and a hoodie in hopes of strengthening the illusion.

Considering what she'll have to pay in citation fees -- and the guilt her presumably actually human "friends" are feeling for daring her to take the mannequin to work with her -- perhaps next time Allen could splurge for a projector and ride with Hologram Tupac instead. After all, he'd be a lot more chatty than a mannequin.

Either that, or we suppose she could just spend a few dozen bucks a month and actually pay the MnPASS toll. That just sounds like a lot less fun.

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