Woman charged with making kids fake abduction

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Woman charged with making kids fake abduction

A weird and quickly failed attempt to get a dude arrested: A woman is charged with having children fake an attempted abduction to get a disliked man arrested. When police questioned the kids who reported the crime, they finally admitted they made it up.

Man attacked teen when she rejected his advances

A 47-year-old man was convicted Wednesday of attacking a 17-year-old girl after she stopped his advances. When her cell phone died at a Minneapolis work force center, he offered to take her back to his place to recharge it. When he started rubbing her leg and trying to kiss her, she told him to stop. He then stabbed her and accused her of stealing $20,000. A real winner.

Urban snowboarders were unintentionally trespassing, their company says

The director of Burton Snowboards' film department says the snowboarders busted for trespassing in St. Paul aren't a "bunch of punks". He admits they were trespassing, but didn't know it when police found them with a ramp that allowed them to jump 20-30 feet onto railroad tracks below a small cliff.

Hate the Park Board? City will hold public hearings on board's future

The Minneapolis Charter Commission voted on Wednesday to hold public meetings to discuss abolishing the Park Board. If there is one thing in Minneapolis that gets people riled up, it's the Park Board.

Minn. high school wrestling tournament welcomes first female contestant

Elissa Reinsma took to the mat Wednesday as the first girl to compete in the Minnesota high school wrestling tournament in the 72-year history of the sport. She didn't last long, but her story is an interesting one nonetheless.