Woman caught with Favre goat in trunk pleads guilty

Woman caught with Favre goat in trunk pleads guilty

The 21-year-old St. Paul woman who left a crying goat tied up in her trunk while mechanics fixed it in Winona has pleaded guilty to cruelty in transportation of an animal. To make matters worse, the goat was dyed purple and gold with a No. 4 shaved in its side. That's cute.

You'll be happy to know the goat, which was scheduled to be slaughtered by his former owner, is alive and well on a farm entertaining guests. Apparently the horrific car ride saved this goat's life. We knew Favre would always pull through no matter what the circumstances.

When Janelle D. Riopel was driving through Winona on her way to the Twin Cities for the first home preseason game with Brett Favre, she stopped at a Tires Plus in Winona to get their car fixed.

She casually mentioned the goat in the trunk. The mechanics eventually heard the goat crying and opened the drunk to find the Favre goat with its feet tied together. Police came to the scene and the goat was taken by animal control.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:

Assistant City Attorney Brian Glodosky said it might never be clear what the couple's motive was. Riopel has said they had planned to butcher the goat, and that it was already dyed purple and gold with a shaved No. 4 when they picked it up from a farm. She denied speculation that they planned to take it to the Vikings game.

Glodosky said the motive was irrelevant.

"My concern was the way the animal was being transported. I don't think we'll have a problem with Ms. Riopel transporting an animal in that fashion again," he said.

The goat, which has been officially named Brett, lives at Schultz farm in Wisconsin and is a guest favorite. If you look closely, you might still a bit of purple glistening off Brett in the sunlight, but his owners say he will eventually "just be another goat." When can we say that about the real Brett?

Check out a video of Favre the goat here:

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