Wolves hone in on Kurt Rambis

The deal has yet to be finalized, but it looks like the Timberwolves will make Kurt Rambis the franchise's new head coach.

Rambis, currently a Lakers assistant coach under Phil Jackson, carved out a niche in the NBA during the 80's as gritty role player low on talent but big on hustle. His horn-rimmed glasses and unironic mullet added to his workman reputation. (And let's face it: being the token white dude on the Showtime Lakers ingratiated him to Caucasian NBA fans to a certain extent).

There's a bit of sweet irony in Rambis's replacing of the ousted Kevin McHale. During the 1984 Finals between the Celtics and the Lakers, McHale clotheslined Rambis to the floor as Rambis went in for a layup. The laid-out Rambis immediately sprang from the court and looked quite intent on whooping the lanky Hibbing native's ass. (Un)fortunately, Laker James Worthy swooped in and stopped his teammate from doing anything that might warrant a suspension. Larry Bird, acting as peace-maker, arrived to help Rambis to his feet. Nevertheless, the heated fracas ignited both benches and shifted momentum in Boston's favor.

(Actually, no sense in describing it. YouTube has it covered):