Wolves' Brewer done for the year


The Timberwolves lost on the road last night, 100-90 to the Charlotte Bobcats. It was a frantic, sloppily played (not to mention very sparely attended and eerily quiet) game between two thoroughly mediocre teams. The type of game, in other words, in which the Wolves' Corey Brewer (that's him in college above, dunking with extreme expression) would have excelled. Unfortunately, word from the Wolves is that, after two awkward, but seemingly innocuous, slips against Denver on Saturday, Brewer has a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the season.

This totally bums me out because, despite his many flaws, Brewer was probably my favorite Wolf. It's a bummer for the defensively mediocre Wolves, too, because Brewer was the team's best individual defender, their most energetic and most athletic player. With his gangly, knuckling jumper and propensity to lose his shit once he gets within 5 feet of the rim, Brewer was too much of an offensive liability to play more than 15 or so minutes per game--though, probably because he dunks a lot has the humility to know when not to shoot, he has a better shooting percentage (a very modest  41.1%) than both Rashad McCants and Randy Foye.  But he was also the only T-Wolf capable of the athleticism and persistent intensity necessary to guard the League's best perimeter players, as he did against Kevin Martin and Brandon Roy this year.

More than that, though, with his stunningly thin frame, goofy energy and frightening hops, he brought a chaotic (and very charming) idiosyncrasy to the game whenever he checked in. You aren't probably going to see a lot of made jumpers when CB is out there, but you might just see a very fast skinny dude grab a manic rebound or steal, pound the ball (at chin height most likely) the length of the floor, then either throw down a towering dunk or awkwardly miss a layup and fly really, really far out of bounds. I like that. All that, plus Corey was starting to get the hang of the halfcourt offense; floating to open space on the floor, developing  a nice feel for interior passing.  I'm gonna miss you, Corey. Wolves games will be a little less fun without you.