Wolf bites boy's head in Minnesota's first documented wolf attack [GRAPHIC PHOTO]

The boy suffered serious injuries but is expected to live.
The boy suffered serious injuries but is expected to live.

:::: UPDATE :::: Noah Graham, 16, shares crazy wolf attack story

According to the DNR, on Saturday morning, a boy was lying down near the lakeshore of Lake Winnibigoshish in West Winnie Campground when he approached and was bitten in the head by a wolf.

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The DNR says the boy "sustained multiple puncture wounds and a laceration to his head of about 11 centimeters long" but is expected to live. After he was attacked, the boy kicked the wolf, and the animal then ran into the woods.

Here, courtesy of Bemidji Pioneer reporter Justin Glawe, is a photo of the boy's injury (Glawe hasn't released the boy's name yet):

Wolf attacks are exceedingly rare. In fact, the DNR reports that "a serious injury or fatal attack on a human had never been documented in Minnesota."

Earlier this morning, a 75-pound male wolf matching the description of the one that attacked the boy was trapped and killed in West Winnie Campground. Its body is being taken to the University of Minnesota for rabies tests and other examinations.

"This is an extremely rare incident and not normal wolf behavior," Tom Provost, regional manager of the DNR's Enforcement Division, said in a statement. "Because wolf bites or attacks on humans are so rare, they are poorly understood. These rare incidents have usually involved food-habituated wolves and have led to minor injuries, but no fatalities."

West Winnie Campground remains closed, and the DNR says it'll leave traps in the area for one more night to make sure another wolf isn't still in the vicinity.

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