Witnesses: St. Joseph's Gary Vogt Ran Wife Off Road, Shot Her

Gary Vogt, a 66-year-old St. Joseph resident, faces two first-degree attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting his estranged wife while they drove alongside each other on County Road 4 in Stearns County, then using his pickup to ram her off the road before shooting her again.

Numerous drivers called 911 to inform authorities about the wild scene, which unfolded just before 10 a.m. on Saturday. The criminal complaint says onlookers "observed [Vogt's] pickup truck strike [the woman's] SUV on more than one occasion, ultimately causing the SUV to go in the ditch momentarily and then end up stopped on the side of County Road 4 facing oncoming traffic."

Another witness then "observed [Vogt's] pickup truck pull alongside [the woman's] vehicle on the passenger side. [The witness] heard a gunshot and observed the glass shatter in [the woman's] vehicle. [The witness] heard at least one more gunshot."

When officers arrived on the scene, Vogt was still there and the woman was injured but alive.

A revolver with an empty chamber was found in Vogt's truck. He told cops he "snapped," adding, "Once you pull the trigger, that's it."

At St. Cloud Hospital, Vogt's estranged wife told authorities she'd recently left him. Court records indicate she actually took out a Harassment Restraining Order against him just the previous Wednesday, the complaint notes.

The woman had a bullet wound in her back and another in her head. She told authorities she suffered the latter when Vogt opened fire into her vehicle while the two drove alongside each other on County Road 4.

Vogt's wife said the chase began after she randomly came across Vogt while the two were driving in opposite directions on County Road 2. Vogt turned his pickup around and gave chase before pulling alongside her and asking her to pull over. When she declined, he opened fire before running her off the road.

The complaint notes that "numerous individuals describe [Vogt] as having a hard time dealing with [his wife] leaving him. Another woman who had spent time with Vogt earlier that morning told cops "he was depressed [and] upset... because of the Harassment Restraining Order he had been served with."

The woman "stated that [Vogt] talked about leaving the state, but wanted to talk to [his estranged wife] before he left."

Vogt's criminal record includes a 2011 petty misdemeanor conviction for theft and a 2005 conviction for taking big game without a valid license.

According to Stearns County officials, as of yesterday afternoon Vogt remained in custody. His bail was set at $2 million without conditions or $1 million with conditions.

The St. Cloud Times reports Vogt's estranged wife's injuries are "not life-threatening."

To read the complaint for yourself, click to page two.


Gary Vogt Charges

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