Wisconsin's Great Wall of China, Minnesota terror suspect still in jail, flying Wi-Fi


Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Great Wall of China in Wisconsin? It might happen 
The Pioneer Press has a pretty fascinating profile of a Wisconsin man with a big plan: "a mile-long replica of the Great Wall of China housing ancient art and hundreds of terra cotta warrior statues, plus a five-star hotel and a 10,000-seat outside theater". Talk about a roadside attraction. Don Trent is a former minnow trapper turned art collector who is hoping to beat out cancer to build his dream.

Terror suspect in Minnesota still held after arrest 5 years ago 
For five years, one terror suspect arrested in Minnapolis, has been awaiting trial on charges that he provided material support to Al-Qaida. His pretrial detention is one of the longest for a terrorism- related case since Sept. 11, with the delays stemming from a variety of sources, the Star Tribune says. 

President-elect Barack Obama wants to stimulate the economy with some big spending and everyone wants a cut of the fun. Count St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman one of them. He wants $186 million in funding. 

No excuse for boredom on a plane anymore. Travelers on Delta Air Lines and Northwest will have access to the internet during their flights in the next year. Several Delta flights will have Wi-Fi internet access starting Tuesday and Northwest planes will be hooked up by late 2009. The service works on laptops, smart phones and digital assistants to access internet, corporate networks, email and texting. The service will cost you $9.95 on shorter (3 hours or less) flights and $12.95 on flights on longer trips. 

Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman promotes the United Way's new campaign asking everyone to just donate 5 dollars to help other people struggling to make ends meet. They stole the idea from Barack Obama's wildly successful grassroots campaign for donations.