Wisconsin woman allegedly barricaded men in her home, demanded sex

Terry Boyd
Terry Boyd

Not only does 52-year-old Terry Boyd face a couple of different criminal charges, but she also might be the worst roommate in the upper Midwest.

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On Monday, Boyd, 52, allegedly barricaded two men, including her roommate, in her home and wouldn't let them out unless one of them had sex with her. Or, as it happened, until the cops showed up.

Thing is, since the two men didn't want to press charges against her, Boyd wasn't even arrested in connection with that incident. She did land herself in legal hot water, however, after she went to the hospital complaining that police had roughed her up when they entered her residence (Boyd was blocking the front door with her body when officers arrived).

According to north-central Wisconsin's, Boyd "became combative with medical personnel" at the hospital and was arrested for disorderly conduct. She was released from police custody and sent home -- where she promptly made life miserable for her roommate in a bizarre fashion once again.

Boyd "again barricaded her roommate in a bedroom and refused to let him out," the Green Bay Press Gazette reports, adding that police "returned to the residence at about 7 p.m. and forced their way into the home, where they arrested Boyd."

Boyd now faces an additional false imprisonment charge. Unfortunately for her roommate, Boyd posted her $1,500 bond and was again released from custody yesterday.

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