Wisconsin wife runs husband over with SUV following Scott Walker recall argument


Modern American politics is divisive, sure, but who knew it could be this bad?

Chippewa Falls resident Jeffrey Radle, 36, found himself in the hospital yesterday after a political argument with his wife, Amanda Radle, 30. The verbal dispute culminated in physical violence when Amanda ran over her husband with a Dodge Durango.

Police say the incident began with an argument over who Amanda would vote for during yesterday's recall primary election in Wisconsin. Violence over a primary election? The Radles must really be passionate political wonks.

According to the Chippewa Herald, Amanda tried to end the argument by driving away from the home where she and her husband were hanging out. But Jeffrey tried to block her exit by standing in front of the car. Eventually, Amanda tried to swerve around her husband, but Jeffrey jumped in front of the SUV and was run over.

Amanda then drove to the police department to report the incident, and Jeffrey was taken to the hospital with serious head, neck, and back injuries. He remained in the hospital overnight.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Jeffrey is a Scott Walker supporter. His wife, on the other hand, wants to see him recalled.

Chippewa Falls Police Chief Wendy Stelter said, "to think that people would become that distraught over an election is very concerning." The Chippewa County district attorney is investigating and may file domestic violence-related charges.

While political incompatibility was at the heart of yesterday's incident, it sounds like the Radles' marital issues probably go well beyond Scott Walker. The Herald reports that Amanda filed for divorce in January, though it hasn't yet been finalized.

The incident may have prevented the Radles from getting to their polling station yesterday, but their votes wouldn't have made a difference anyway. In the Democratic primary, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett steamrolled Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, meaning Barrett and Walker will square off this June in a rematch of Wisconsin's 2010 gubernatorial election.

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