Wisconsin SUV does Evel Knievel-esque jump over buckled road [VIDEO]

We give the landing a 7.5.
We give the landing a 7.5.

Heat caused Highway 29 near Eau Claire to buckle yesterday, creating a steep bump that allowed motorists to do their best Evel Knievel impression.

One Knievel-worthy stunt was captured on video by a motorist who had stopped to simply take a photo of the buckled highway. Not realizing her phone's camera was set to record video, she serendipitously captured footage of an SUV going airborne. Check it out below the jump.

Heat-related road buckling was a problem yesterday afternoon in the Twin Cities too, with pavement giving way on westbound I-94 near 35th Ave. N. and on westbound I-94 near Manning Avenue.

Both of yesterday's I-94 pavement failures were repaired within hours.

With temps expected to peak around 100 degrees today, tomorrow, and Thursday, keep an eye out for heat-damaged pavement this week. KSTP reports that MnDOT plans to have full road maintenance crews on call for the rest of the week, including the Fourth of July holiday.

Without further ado, here's footage of the Wisconsin SUV getting some serious hang time (Unfortunately, the camerawoman was too apparently too shocked by what she saw to hold her phone steady throughout the full 22-second clip):

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