Wisconsin State Fair wilding: police tapes document mob violence


Police have released their log documenting last week's mayhem at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Witnesses say a group of dozens to 100 African-American teenagers ran wild at the fairgrounds last Thursday, fighting amongst themselves inside the fair and then attacking only white people outside the fairgrounds. Thirty-four people have been arrested, though their names have not yet been released.

"We're outside State Fair and there's a white guy getting beaten up by about 100 black people," says one caller.

Others sounds the alarm: "It's like a fricking riot out there.  They're jumping on our cars and everything."

The transcript details some bizarre attacks, including a beating of a homeless man and a mob looting of a nearby gas station.

Though it contains only the sparest of details, the account gives a sense of the mad, racially-charged atmosphere that reigned at the fairgrounds last Thursday.

Among the more dramatic moments is a report of a group of 20 to 25 black teens assaulting a State Fair worker, whose race was not listed. People in the mob also reportedly pummeled a homeless person. The raging teens also pulled one poor couple off their motorcycle, and somehow dragged the woman--she ended up with a fat lip.

The teens reportedly stomped on cars, and at least one of the kids was slinging a gun. Teens punched victims in the face and the head.

Here's the timeline from the West Allis Police's log:

2248: State Fair P.D. advised us that they shut the park down early because of a large amount of fights. They report large groups of people leaving the grounds.

2249: Walgreens reports lots of people in the area.

2259: 9-1-1 call received in regards to group of 25 black youths assaulting State Fair worker around 81/Greenfield.

2300: 9-1-1 call received in regards to fight at front entrance of State Fair. People are everywhere.
Groups of people chasing white people.

2301: Call received indicating people are leaving State Fair and heading to 84/Greenfield.

2308: State Fair P.D. reports that people are walking on cars near 84/Schlinger.

2310: Groups jumping on cars at 84/Schlinger.

2311: Angry mob, fights, wrong way drivers, people running in traffic, at 84/Schlinger.

2312: Fight at 1000 S. 84 St.

2314: Kids obstructing traffic and hitting cars.

2315: Person assaulted and has a knot on the head at 84/Schlinger. Party going to hospital on own.

2316: Victim punched in face at 84/Walker by group. Medical denied.

2317: State Fair P.D. reports fights and people jumping on cars at 84/Greenfield.

Wisconsin State Fair 911 call
Wisconsin State Fair 911 call

2318: Mob pulled male and female from motorcycle at 84/Adler. Female was dragged and has fat lip.

2318: Mobs hitting cars at 84/Schlinger.

2321: Victim jumped and almost robbed at 87/McMyron.

2324: Group of guys have a gun in a car near 85/Walker.

2325: Group of guys jumping people near 85/Walker. One had a gun.

2326: People running through yards. One bike stolen.

2330: Kids hitting cars at 84/Walker.

2330: Police report large fight at 84/Greenfield.

2330: Group attack male at 88/Greenfield.

2333: Kid getting pummeled by a group at 84/Schlinger.

2334: Kids jump guy at 76/Washington.

2334: State Fair P.D. report fight at 84/Greenfield.

2335: Fight reported at 85/Greenfield.

2337: Riot at 84/Greenfield. Wife has black eye and bloody lip. Refuse to report incident.

2337: Possible beating and man with gun at 76/Walker.

2338: Fight and theft at 87/McMyron.

2339: Police requesting help at McDonalds. Under control at 2340.

2339: Victim got hit by group of kids at 76/Walker.

2340: Teenagers assaulted male at 76/Walker.

2343: Fight at 76/Walker.

2344: Male assaulted by group. Bleeding, but medical refused.

2351: Homeless person beat up at 76/Greenfield.


2351: Caller got hit in face by group.

2351: Fight at 86/Greenfield.

2351: Fight at 76/Washington.

2353: 20-25 people ran in and out of gas station at 76/Greenfield at stole stuff.

2355: Mutual aid requested - MCSO. MCSO is responding.

2357: Male assaulted by group at 86/Greenfield.

2357: Caller was almost robbed by group at 87/McMyron.

0001: Police report fight at 76/Greenfield.

0045: Mutual aid canceled.


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