Wisconsin State Fair wilding: Names and ages of the arrested

The Wisconsin State Fair police have released the names of 23 people arrested in connection with last week's mob violence. More than half are under age 18.

Anthony J. Oblak, 39, is the oldest of the 23 people arrested. Oblak and Eddie A. Garcia, 20, are the only suspects not in their teens. Thirteen of the people arrested are under age 18.

The Wisconsin State Fair is not yet releasing mugshots because of the investigation is ongoing, said Patrice Harris, communications manager for the Fair. But here are the 23 names:

Name and age of those arrested by Wisconsin State Fair Police:

Brittany U. Algee, 16

Monique L. Bracy, 18

Panicked State Fair patrons called 911.
Panicked State Fair patrons called 911.

Lamar J. Crittendon, 17

Shamarr A. Crittendon, 19

Yasmine A. Davis, 15

Devon D. Fasion-Johnson,  15

Eddie A. Garcia, 20

Sharae T. Harrrison, 16

Samantha N. Karaker, 19

Sigourney V. Love, 18

Randy D. Love,  17

Tasha R. Malon, 15

Estefania Mercado, 18

Anthony J. Oblak, 39

Davonia M. Shaw, 16

Sahmeisha L. Shaw, 18

Margarita R. Silva, 18

Shayla J. Sisk, 17

Amber U. Smith, 16

Dorche L. Smith, 15

Ezekiel A. Spears, 18

James S. Stear-Swinford, 17

Davon M. Thompson, 16

Another seven people were arrested by the West Allis police, two of them adults, but that department has not released the names.


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