Wisconsin State Fair rampage: Cell phone video of the mob violence [VIDEO]

Cell phone footage of the mob violence at Wisconsin State Fair

Cell phone footage of the mob violence at Wisconsin State Fair

Last week's mob violence at the Wisconsin State Fair was been captured on cell phone, and we've got the video.

Witnesses have described a mob of dozens to 100 African-American teenagers as attacking white patrons outside the fairgrounds, suggesting that the violence was racially motivated. At least 34 people have been arrested--but so far names and mugshots have not been released.

Frankly, it's hard to tell the color of skin of the person at the bottom of the heap. Judge for yourself in this clip:

UPDATE: Police Tapes Document Wisconsin State Fair Wilding


Here is the video from Fox6Now in Milwaukee:


Local TV news coverage of the Wisconsin State Fair mob beatings [VIDEO]

Governor Scott Walker calls in the State Patrol to guard the State Fair [VIDEO]

Things have been much quieter at the State Fair after Thursday's melee. The day after the mayhem, Gov. Scott Walker called the State Patrol in to prevent further violence, and the Fair instituted special rules: after 5 p.m., people under age 18 can only enter the fairgrounds with a parent or guardian aged 21 or older.

Fair officials are reporting that attendance is only slightly down, but vendors say their sales are suffering. "We're dramatically down," said one vendor who did not wish to be named, according to WISN12 News.