Wisconsin school's soup infested with bugs

Now fortified with crunchy goodness.

Now fortified with crunchy goodness.

We all know the rap against school lunches. But in Wisconsin, they've added something new to trays filled with greasy cold pizza and sugar-saturated soft drinks: Bug-infested soup.

Seems that about 50 students in the D.C. Everest Area school district were treated to the less-than-mouthwatering menu item. One can imagine the "waiter, there's a fly in my soup" jokes running rampant.


The newspaper in Oshkosh tracked down the district's assistant superintendent of business and personnel services insect abatement, Jack Stoskopf Jr., who said the icky discovery was probably the result of bugs hitching a ride into soup bowls via the exterior of cardboard containers of noodles.

The soup is off the menu and Stoskopf has been left to assure parents that, "Our storage area is very clean."