Wisconsin punishment: Teen will spend 10 Christmases in jail


Can you imagine 10 years without Santa? We can't.

We don't know how many times we can say "Only in Wisconsin", but this punishment seems a little... well, Wisconsin-like. We've got the new public service announcement ready: Hey kids! If you drink and drive, you'll miss Christmas. Especially when you kill your friends.

A teen will spend the next 10 Christmases in jail in addition to a one-year jail term as part of his punishment for killing two friends while drunk driving.

After his one-year sentence, he will have 10 years of probation, which includes the lack of Christmas in his life.

More from the Associated Press:

Under a plea deal, David Jacobson, 18, received a one-year jail term Monday, plus 10 years probation. He pleaded guilty earlier to two counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle in the Aug. 25 crash that killed Michael Hiatt, 19, and Shawn Loescher, 23.

Eau Claire County Circuit Judge Paul Lenz said spending 10 Christmas Eves and Christmas Days behind bars will make Jacobson remember the victims he took from their families.

Unfortunately the judge forgot that this is totally worthless because Santa would only bring this drunk a stocking of coal anyway. If the offender was an 8-year-old, this might be traumatic, but a Christmas in jail could be a total riot. Now he can avoid the awkward family event with questions like, "So what do you think your friends would be doing for Christmas if they were still alive?" and "You're not still drinking and driving are you?"