Wisconsin penis gluers sentenced


Wendy Sewell, Michelle Belliveau, Therese Ziemann and Tracy Hood-Davis found themselves in a sticky legal mess last year after they conspired to lure congenital heartbreaker Donessa Davis to a motel room in Stockbridge, Wisc., under the pretext of a massage, and instead bound him and glued his penis to his abdomen.

In an unusual case of female bonding, Sewell, Ziemann and Belliveau learned that Davis was a philandering little prick from his wife, Tracy Hood-Davis. Ziemann lured the man to the hotel, cut off his underwear, bound him and texted Belliveau and Sewell to join in heaping scorn -- and Krazy Glue -- on the man.

All eventually pleaded no contest and reached separate plea deals. They were each sentenced to a year's probation and community service at separate hearings today in Calumet County Court.

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Ziemann, after the hearing, acknowledged making a poor decision and said the sentence was fair.

"I just wish that this never happened," Ziemenn told Judge Donald Poppy. "It's taken a toll on everybody involved."

Last year, Ziemann told MSNBC she and the other women -- and not the guy with the commitment issues-- were the real victims in the story.

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