Wisconsin officers host giant marijuana bonfire


It's a crazy day in Wisconsin. Cops hosting pot bonfires, a lady swallowing plastic bags, and someone dumped an infant in the woods. But who's surprised?

We've got all the Wisconsin news that should make you proud to live in the equally odd state to the west. And hey, they've got three probable cases of swine flu. We just have one.

Cops create $500,000 marijuana bonfire

Police and sheriff's deputies in Antigo, Wis. had quite the bonfire: They burned $500,000 worth of confiscated marijuana in a giant bonfire. They burned 800 plants and 300 pounds of pot. Some was already in blocks and ready for sale. And just for fun: The cops tossed in a half pound of cocaine, some heroin, Ecstasy pills, meth, and some other drugs. Why weren't we invited?

Dead infant found in bag in the woods

A baby's body has been found in a garbage bag in the woods in the Dodge County town of Theresa. Sheriff's officials said someone cutting wood came across the bag, looked inside and saw what appeared to be an infant. Deputies confirmed it was a baby, apparently born within the previous 24 hours.

Woman tries to swallow baggies containing 'unidentified substance', now hospitalized

A Madison, Wis., woman is hospitalized in intensive care after police said she tried swallowing two Baggies during a traffic stop. The Baggies contained an unidentified substance, which authorities said could be drugs.

Family wins $17 million settlement after daughter injured in surgery

Shelbey Bomkamp, 8, had her spleen removed in June 2007 at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wis., by Dr. Leonard Go. Court documents say Go used a blender-like device to help remove the spleen but caused internal damage that left the girl with permanent brain injuries. She cannot speak, uses a feeding tube and requires around-the-clock care.

Judges don't let their moms sit on the jury. Well, it's Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Supreme Court says a judge erred when he allowed his own mother to be a juror in a criminal case he heard.