Wisconsin native Austin Wierschke wins "Fastest Texter in America" title for second time

Wisconsin native Austin Wierschke holds the two-time title of "Fastest Texter in America."
Wisconsin native Austin Wierschke holds the two-time title of "Fastest Texter in America."
Photo courtesy of Austin Wierschke.

Rhinelander, Wisconsin native Austin Wierschke, 17, holds a very odd two-time title: "Fastest Texter in America."

At the beginning of the month, Wierschke squared off with the most dexterous texters in America as part of the sixth annual LG U.S. National Texting Championship, which comprises a serious of rigorous challenges for speed and accuracy.

Wierschke won the $50,000 first prize for composing in a mere 39 seconds a 149-character message with capitalization, punctuation and several different symbols, according to the Daily Mail.

Considering that he was the returning champion, Wierschke was fairly confident going into the contest, though he told us he has a pretty hardcore training regimen.

"I think people think, 'It's a texting competition, you just type trash,'" Wierschke says. "But [in the contest], theyll have you capitalize things that shouldn't be or lowercase things that shouldn't be. They'll also throw in weird signs and symbols."

Riding in the car with his mom Lisa, Wierschke would give himself a few seconds to text all the words on a road sign before they drove past it.

"My mom was pretty much my coach," he says. "She'd also give me phrases and I'd close my eyes and text [for even more accuracy]."

He clarifies that he wasn't sending all the road-sign jibberish and random phrases to his friends. "I'd just type them," he says.

Wierschke plans to use the $100,000 he's won in both competitions for college. He's planning to attend either the University of Minnesota (watch out Minnesota texters -- you might have some serious competition!) or the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Lisa Wierschke says she couldn't be more proud of her son.

"You get some backlash because people think, 'It's just texting' but my son is doing something he's good at," she says. "He's a good kid, he's a great student, and he has his college paid for."

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