Wisconsin more extroverted than Minnesota, and everyone else, says 13-year study


The difference between Minnesotans and Wisconsinites is an enigmatic question: Knowing it is one thing, but actually defining what separates the land of lakes from the land of Cheeseheads is trickier.

Now, courtesy of a 13-year study of the personality traits of 1.6 million Americans, we have some research to work into the debate.

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Overall, the study found, we're not all that different: Both Wisconsin and Minnesota got low marks for "openness" (we're 44th in the nation) and high marks for "agreeableness" (we're sixth).

But in one category, Minnesota and Wisconsin split. We're middling on "extroversion," at 21st among the states. Our eastern neighbors, the study found, are America's most outgoing.

"Picture the fans at a Packers game," writes Time, to put this in perspective. "Even a losing Packers game."

The study measured five personality traits in all, and on "conscientiousness" and "neuroticism," found Minnesotans to be pretty average, coming in at 21st and 37th across the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. In news on our other neighbors, North Dakotans ranked as the country's least open.

We fit into the "friendly and conventional" category that encompasses much of the Midwest and the South, and our rankings paint a picture of Minnesotans that resembles a personality like Tom Hanks's, study supervisor Jason Rentfrow told the Star Tribune. We won't argue with that.

For more on the study's findings and methodology, check out Time's "mood map," which includes a test to determine which state best matches your personality.

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