Wisconsin men arrested for killing deer with their snowmobiles


Hunting deer with rifles is so last year. Why bother when you can just run them over with your snowmobiles? Thank you Wisconsin for another treat we can't resist. Don't forget your super fashionable Arctic Cat jackets while you're at it. It would perfectly match that landing strip on your face and look really hot with deer intestines on it.

Three men have been arrested and accused of herding deer with their snowmobiles, then killing them by running over them with the vehicles. One even thought it would be funny to drag a dying deer behind his snowmobile. To look cool?

The men, ages 22, 23, and 24, are being held on multiple felony counts of mistreatment of animals. They face 3.5 years and a $10,000 fine for each count.

More from The Post-Crescent:

When authorities interviewed (suspect Nicholas) Hermes at his job, he said he and his fiancée were snowmobiling Friday when they met Robby and Rory Kuenzi.

The three snowmobiles encountered the deer near Denmark Road in Lind, and Hermes said he accidentally struck a deer, but the Kuenzi brothers began purposely chasing the deer down before running them over. Hermes said he saw Rory Kuenzi at one point dragging a deer that had been roped to the sled.

Investigators found three of the deer in the field Saturday. A snowmobile had stopped atop one of them and ripped open its stomach, said Ted Dremel, a state Department of Natural Resources warden based in Waupaca County.

A fourth deer had broken legs and was euthanized. The fifth deer was dragged from the field and tied to a tree about 25 feet from a road. It strangled itself trying to get free.

Photos of the suspected freaks/losers/weirdos, courtesy of the Post-Crescent: