Wisconsin man thinks he's getting lucky after bar closes; he's getting pick-pocketed


So this 25-year-old guy is standing outside a bar in Green Bay at closing time, waiting for a taxi, when a couple of women drive up and offer him a ride. He gets in.

What happens next can probably be explained best by something other than the man's brain guiding his common sense.

The two women persuade him to take some money out of a drive-through ATM -- the police don't say why he wanted the cash, but go ahead and use your imagination -- while they watch him punch in his secret code.

Then, as they pull away, the woman who isn't driving starts making out with the guy. Then, they kick him out o the car.

Turns out, he figures out later, she was picking his pockets. And, his credit card is missing. Later the cops figure out the women used it to make 18 unauthorized withdrawals.

Mandisa Randolph, 22, and Brittaney Hill, 23, have been arrested and charged in Brown County Circuit Court with fraudulent use of a credit card, the Green Bay Press Gazette reports.