Wisconsin man -- drunk, wearing clown makeup -- dangles screaming kids from overpass

Antonio Brown.
Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown, a 33-year-old Kenosha resident, came home drunk from a Halloween party around in the wee hours Sunday morning.

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That's not news! We're talking about Wisconsin, after all. But here's what is -- dangling screaming children from an overpass as they cry out for their lives... while wearing clown makeup.

Brown came home around 1 a.m. and asked his girlfriend's kids, ages 13 and 8, to take a walk with him along nearby elevated railroad tracks. The kids later told police they had taken a similar group outing a few weeks before and had fun.

But they were allegedly in for something very different this time around. Fox News explains:

[T]he 13-year-old boy told police that this time Brown was drunk and he forced the children to drink alcohol as well. The teen said he drank so much that he vomited.

The younger child became scared after they climbed onto the tracks, and the boys tried to run away. Brown grabbed the older child, held him upside down from the overpass and warned him, "If you try that again, I'm going to drop you."

Brown then climbed onto a train car and began hopping from one car to another, the complaint said. When the 8-year-old refused to follow, Brown grabbed him by the hair and tried to pull him up. He later dangled the child from a train car, holding him by the neck and ankle.

The terror finally came to an end when a woman who happened to be in the area heard the kids screaming. From the Kenosha News:

A woman called police after she saw a man in clown makeup dragging screaming children into the woods east of the 4800 block of 13th Court about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Police found three people behind a section of tall bushes. Antonio J. Brown, 33, of Kenosha, wearing the clown makeup, was one of them. With him were two children... The children were holding each other and crying uncontrollably, according to court records.

Police believed Brown to be highly intoxicated.

Brown has been charged with child abuse and reckless endangerment. He faces up to 16 years in prison.

If that's not peak Weird Wisconsin, it's damn close.

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