Wisconsin man arrested for drunken driving pees on cop's head

Wisconsin man arrested for drunken driving pees on cop's head
Photo by davidsonscott15

It's bad enough that Daniel Shilts was so drunk that his car struck a pole at a Wisconsin gas station and then nearly backed into a police car. It's worse that, once he was arrested for drunken driving, he took a pee in the back of the squad car. But here's the thing: Shiltz also managed to pee on the head of the officer who arrested him. That's something he managed not to do in four previous drunken driving arrests. It also rated a felony charge -- expelling bodily substances at a public safety worker -- his lawyer managed to plea bargain away.

But still, Shiltz copped to two felony counts in a plea agreement for a year in prison. And he not even go behind bars. According to the Sheboygan Press, Shilts:

was sentenced Nov. 30 by Judge Gary Langhoff to the jail term and three years probation, according to court records released Wednesday. A three-year prison sentence was imposed and stayed, meaning Shilts will serve the prison time if his probation is revoked.

Shilts was also fined $3,599 and had his driver's license revoked for three years.

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