Wisconsin man accused of driving day care van while drunk


James Edison is known to the kids at Madison's Aldo Leopold Elementary School as Mr. Jimmy. He's been driving kids home safely for 15 years. His boss calls him an outstanding employee. But on Tuesday he was arrested by police - with three kids in his van -- after he blew twice the legal limit for alcohol in a roadside test.

The day care owner, Joyce Boggess, and an assortment of parents interviewed by WMTV-TV expressed understandable and appropriate outrage that a man they trusted for years could have put their kids in harm's way. Kids being kids, their biggest concern appeared to be for Mr. Jimmy.

The only good news to come out of the whole episode appears to be the fact that police were acting on a tip when they spotted Edison - and that they had to follow his van for a while before he gave them an excuse to pull him over: He crossed the median line.