Wisconsin has the craziest gun law in America, according to ProPublica

In Wisconsin, you can carry a concealed weapon in areas like this.
In Wisconsin, you can carry a concealed weapon in areas like this.

A ProPublica analysis published in the wake of the Newtown school shooting looks at the seven "craziest gun laws in America," with top honors going to a law enacted last year in Wisconsin.

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That law allows people to carry concealed weapons in unenclosed areas on University of Wisconsin-system campuses. It went into effect in November 2011 and trumped a previous law that banned banned guns everywhere on UW property.

From a September 2011 Wisconsin State Journal report about the new law:

Come November, Badger fans may tailgate while armed but will still be forbidden from bringing their guns inside stadiums, classrooms or any other buildings at the flagship UW-Madison campus and the University of Wisconsin System's 26 campuses statewide, officials confirmed...

The shift -- currently guns are barred on system campuses -- comes to accommodate the state's concealed carry law and will likely change the look of campuses, with large "Firearms Prohibited in Building" signs expected to adorn every entrance to every campus building in accordance with the new law...

The new law represents "a very big, very complex kind of shift" for colleges where existing state law makes weapon possession illegal on campus, said University of Wisconsin System spokesman David Giroux. The new law has no such protection so the colleges have decided to ban weapons inside buildings, Giroux said. Carrying a concealed weapon will be legal on campus quads, parking lots and other spaces that aren't enclosed and in cars be they occupied or parked, he said.

Four other states have similar laws, ProPublica notes, with Utah even allowing people to carry concealed weapons in classrooms (so really, by ProPublica's logic, Utah's law should rank as even "crazier" than Wisconsin's).

Minnesota makes ProPublica's list too -- our law allowing violent felons to regain their gun rights if they can show "good cause" clocks in at seventh craziest.

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