Wisconsin granny sentenced for abusing infant who refused sleep


Debra Crespo found yesterday in a Wisconsin court that she's going to spend the next 15 years of her life behind bars. That ought to give her plenty of time for the Kenosha woman to think about the way she ruined the life of her infant grandson, who can't walk or feed himself anymore because of the violence she visited on him.

Crespo pleaded no contest in the fall to felony child abuse after a May incident in which she threw the 10-month-old down on his bed after he wouldn't go to sleep, The Kenosha News reported.

Crespo told investigators that she "forcefully" put the child to bed, grabbing and throwing him down hard because he would not sleep. The child suffered a brain injury. As a result, he has seizures and uses a feeding tube six times a day.

The baby's mother, Nicole Marsh, wept in court as she confronted her own mother during the sentencing.

"Why?" she asked. "I loved you. My children are my world, and I trusted you. ... I hope May 13 haunts you like it haunts me. It consumes every day of my life."

Why wouldn't the baby sleep? Maybe cocaine had something to do with it.

She told investigators that she had split up crack cocaine on a plate, which she later used to warm up a hot dog for the child. She could not recall if she washed the plate and also suggested some of the crack may have fallen onto the carpet. Tests later showed the child tested positive for cocaine.