Wisconsin dance coach fired following performance of "Blurred Lines" [VIDEO]

Lisa Joling (right) lost her job following her rendition of Thicke's "Blurred Lines." (At left, a still from Thicke's music video.)
Lisa Joling (right) lost her job following her rendition of Thicke's "Blurred Lines." (At left, a still from Thicke's music video.)

Lisa Joling, the dance coach at Marshfield High School in central Wisconsin, lost her job after her team danced to an edited version of Robin Thicke's controversial smash hit, "Blurred Lines," during a football game in late August.

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According to a Marshfield News Herald report, administrators won't confirm that particular performance was the reason for Joling's dismissal. A statement from the district's superintendent is vague: "Action was taken to remove Ms. Joling from the assignment as high school dance coach based on appropriate reasons and following district protocols. Personnel matters are confidential, so further information will not be forthcoming from the district."

But the mother of the dance team's captain was more specific. She told the News Herald, "The district is saying it was so hideously bad that [Joling] is a danger to students. That's what is upsetting to us. Not a single parent that I talked to was upset with them using that song."

You can see raw footage of the performance toward the end of this video report:

Joling told the News Herald she believes she was fired because a handful of parents contacted the superintendent and complained that the song's sexual, misogynistic message -- "Had a bitch, but she ain't bad as you/ So, hit me up when you pass through/ I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two" -- isn't appropriate for a school performance. (Joling, however, used an edited version of the song.)

"How many people were upset? I don't know because [the district] won't tell me. I think if three to five people called, they should have backed me up," Joling said, pointing out that she received a sterling performance review in April. "I think if it was 250 people, then yeah, they had to fire me."

Since Joling was ousted, two of the dance team's seven members have quit, the News Herald reports. One of the members is serving as the de facto coach.

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