Wisconsin court nixes gay parent rights

Wisconsin's fourth district court ruled today that gay parents who separate from their partners don't have the right to be their children's guardian.

The ruling concerns a woman identified in court records as Wendy, who adopted two children with her partner in 2002 and 2004.

When Wendy and her partner adopted, they couldn't both be recognized as parents under Wisconsin law because they weren't married. And they weren't married because under Wisconsin law the gays don't get to do that. So Wendy's partner was the official parent, because her job as an attorney afforded better health insurance for the kids. But it was Wendy who for years was the stay-at-home mom.

Wendy and her partner separated in 2008, and now the court says she can't be considered a guardian of her children because she's not technically a parent, because she wasn't married, because she's gay. Case closed!

Wasn't the argument for all these discriminatory laws that they were better for the kids?

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