Wisconsin couple left their baby in hot car, took their time browsing sex shop

Cegers (left) and Hurley-Smith (right)
Cegers (left) and Hurley-Smith (right)

Wisconsin residents Michael Cegers, 18, and Jessica Hurley-Smith, 20, have been charged with child endangerment after they left their 9-month-old baby in a hot car late last month while they took their time browsing a sex shop.

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Police arrived at the parking lot of a suburban Chicago sex shop named Lover's Lane after someone called them to report an infant crying and "sweating profusely" in a vehicle. The windows were cracked about an inch and the AC wasn't on. At the time, temperatures hovered in the high 70s.

A Lover's Lane employee told a reporter the couple "were taking their time in here."

"They were just kind of walking around, looking at everything," the employee continued. "What's also alarming about that is they weren't in any hurry to go back out to their car."

After she was arrested, Hurley-Smith told cops she left her baby in the car because signs at the store say "no one under the age of 18 is allowed."

She also cited legal concerns as the reason she didn't leave the AC on, pointing out to officers that it's illegal in Wisconsin to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine idling. Unfortunately for her, Lover's Lane is across the border in Illinois.

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