Wisconsin cop brawls with clown who allegedly chased cars with squirt gun [VIDEO]

Forget Occupy protesters. In Milwaukee, police officers fight with clowns.
Forget Occupy protesters. In Milwaukee, police officers fight with clowns.

Friday afternoon, a Wisconsin-worthy brawl broke out on the streets of downtown Milwaukee.

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An officer confronted a clown who was reportedly chasing cars with a squirt gun. When the officer reached out to grab the clown, he resisted arrest, and next thing you knew the two were rolling around on the sidewalk, the officer landing rabbit punches to the back of the squirt gun bandit's head.

The incident was filmed with a phone camera by a man who just happened to be driving by.

"The clown was resisting, so the cop needed to do what he needed to do to make sure he was safe," the camera-toting witness, Mitch, told Milwaukee's WISN TV. "It was funny to witness, probably not so fun for the clown, but as a spectator, it was pretty entertaining."

Here's the footage (for higher quality but regrettably unembeddable video, click here):

WISN reports the clown "is often spotted outside government buildings and is considered an activist," prompting us to wonder whether there's any other place in the universe besides Wisconsin where well-known activists double as clowns. We doubt it.

The cop-fighting clown has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to WISN, the fight didn't result in any injuries.

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